Since its founding, Pair has prided itself on using local, never-outsourced staff, most of whom work in the same facilities as our datacenters. To continue to honor this commitment while also doing our part in helping keep our staff and community safe, we have had to make some changes in order to continue to provide the same excellent support and service our customers are used to.

Pair’s headquarters, primary datacenters, and most of its staff are located in Pittsburgh, PA. Under current city and state guidelines, Pair is considered an essential business. Pair hosts critical websites and web applications for many American and international businesses, universities, research groups, and non-profits.

Although we are allowed to maintain operations on site, we want to do our part to help our staff and communities, and we have taken preventative action transitioning the vast majority of our staff to remote work.

Yes! Under ordinary circumstances, we maintain a call center on location in our Pittsburgh headquarters. However, we have transitioned our Support staff to remote work. Remote Support staff still have access to our phone and ticketing system. We just ask that you please pardon any call quality issues you might experience.

Yes! We have sent home the vast majority of our staff. In fact, we took pre-emptive action to limit on-premise staff several weeks ago.

Because we own and operate a datacenter in our Pittsburgh headquarters, and because we are also committed to using in-person — rather than outsourced — employees, we must maintain a small number of staff on site to handle datacenter and server maintenance and repair. You can be assured that we are keeping as few people on site right now as we possibly can.

Pair is meeting or exceeding all city, county, state, and Federal requirements concerning its business operations and employee safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes, all of our Support staff are using our VPN.

It shouldn’t be! We are maintaining the same number of excellent support staff as you’re used to — they’re just working remotely now. Remember that you may contact us by phone, email, or through the ACC.

It shouldn’t be! Pair’s network and servers are all working as expected. If you’re experiencing an issue, don’t hesitate to contact us just like you normally would!