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Exporting a Database via phpMyAdmin

You can export your database from phpMyAdmin. If you need help accessing the database from the phpMyAdmin within the Account Control Center, see our article, Accessing phpMyAdmin in the ACC.

Exporting a Database from phpMyAdmin

Prefer video? See our video tutorial here. 

  1. Log into your phpMyAdmin account where the database is located
  2. In the top navbar, click the Export tabExport button image
  3. On the Export page, select your Export Methodimage of export image
    • Custom: This allows you to customize the export process. You can select the export output, format, and more. The options for Custom Export will appear beneath the Format section.
    • Quick: This uses the default settings to export the entirety of your database
  4. Once you have selected your export method, select the Format type. If you’re unsure what to choose, we recommend using SQLimage of format dropdown
  5. If you selected the Custom export method, customize your export with the available options below the Format section
  6. When finished, click Go

Your database will be exported, then downloaded in your browser.

Updated on June 22, 2022

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