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How to Use Dreamweaver with Your Hosting Account

You can send your Dreamweaver site files straight to your hosting account from the Dreamweaver interface. Using Dreamweaver to transfer files cuts out the extra step of using an FTP interface or SSH.

Using Dreamweaver with Your Hosting Account

  1. In your Dreamweaver client, open your site files
  2. In the Dreamweaver navigation bar, click Sitesite image
  3. In the drop-down, click New Sitenew site image
  4. Next to Site Name, enter the name of the site and, below, select the file path where the local file should be savedname image
  5. In the left side of the window, click Serversserver image
  6. Click the + button to add your hosting accountplus button image
  7. Fill in the server information
    Server Name:

    Enter a name for this server. This can be any name and is only for your personal use.

    Connect using:

    Select the protocol used when transferring the data. We recommend using SFTP, since it is secure.

    SFTP Address:

    Enter the server name. This will always be username.pairserver.com. Replace username with your Pair Networks username.


    Enter your ACC username


    Enter your ACC password

    Root Directory:

    Enter the file path to the directory where the site files should be stored on your server. For example, a file path may look like this:

    • /usr/home/username/public_html/domain.com

    Web URL:

    Enter the site’s intended URL

    server info image
  8. Click Save
  9. On the next window, review the information. If correct, click Save
  10. In the right side of screen, click the up arrow button to send your current files to your serverpush changes image

This will send your site files to your chosen directory. If you keep the server connected, you can click the up arrow at any time to send new changes to the server.

Adobe Dreamweaver is provided by Adobe, Inc. Adobe Dreamweaver is not a product of Pair Networks, Inc., and Pair Networks provides no warranty for Adobe Dreamweaver. Please note that there are many levels of web development products available. Please consult with your IT professional for advice and guidance on an appropriate web development product. This specific product may or may not meet your needs. Pair Networks, Inc. is providing support for Adobe Dreamweaver for your convenience and is not responsible for Adobe Dreamweaver's performance. Please read carefully the terms and scope of services for any online service or product you are considering purchasing or using.

Updated on February 26, 2020

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