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Software updates are different each time. They're designed to change things here and there, often gradually. However, if you wait too long between updates, you may find that your CMS is lagging behind the new iteration of the software.

Being too far behind the software upgrades can introduce some serious problems:

  • Your CMS may be vulnerable to exploits that are patched in later updates
  • You won't be kept up-to-date on the CMS's functionality
  • Old iterations of the software stop being supported

However, if you find your software too far behind, it may break your current setup if you update.

How it works

Because of this, we offer CMS upgrades.

When you sign up for a CMS upgrade, one of our skilled personnel will upgrade your CMS for you, all the while making sure that the functionality you need is maintained.

Once the process begins, our personnel will assess your CMS and compare it to the most recent software iteration. When the differences have been established, our personnel will come up with an upgrade plan and begin implementation.


Below is a list of software upgrades we offer and what they include:

Software Type Includes Price
WordPress All versions accepted. Upgrade includes core, plugins, and themes $50
Drupal 7.x - 7.49 Upgrade includes core and all modules $199
Drupal 7.5x Upgrade includes core and all modules $99
Drupal 8x Upgrade includes core and all modules $99

Some plugins, themes, and modules may be incompatible with newest release.

If you have other questions about the scope of this service, contact our sales team.

Have a CMS in need of upgrading? Contact our security team and tell them you would like to start the process.

Updated on May 14, 2019

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