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June 2020

  • Transitioning Pair to Remote Operations
  • Email Client Setup
  • What Makes Roundcube a Good Email Client?

May 2020

  • The Pair Malware Scanning Tool
  • The People Behind Pair’s Webinars
  • Outlook Password Caching
  • Videos, Bandwidth, and Your Website

April 2020

  • A Note from Pair Marketing
  • Email Phishing
  • Customizing PHP Settings
  • Spam and Ransomware Tips

March 2020

  • Pair and COVID-19
  • Podfest Orlando
  • SPF Records Deep Dive
  • How do I set up an out-of-office response?

February 2020

  • A Note from Pair’s COO
  • Pair Webinars
  • The Importance of Updates
  • What are Pair’s favorite password managers?

January 2020

  • A Note from Pair’s President
  • Pair’s 2020 goals
  • How does email really work?
  • What are Pair’s favorite email clients?