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FAQ – Live Kernel Updates Add On



Have questions about Pair's Live Kernel Update add on? You're in the right place.

What is the Live Kernel Updates Add On?
The Live Kernel Updates add on automatically updates the kernel on your Dedicated or VPS server without restarting your server. 
Why would I want Live Kernel Updates?
Restarting your server can be disruptive to your server processes. Whether you're hosting a website or testing an application, having to restart your server can be troublesome. 

That's why we created a workaround: Live Kernel Updates. This ensures you're working on the most recent kernel without sacrificing any uptime. 

With the Live Kernel Update add on, you never have to worry if your server is behind on kernel updates. We'll automatically apply them for you. 

Plus, the add on ensures that your server experiences no downtime due to the kernel update. 
What packages can use Live Kernel Updates?
At this time, our Dedicated and VPS hosting packages are the only packages that offer the Live Kernel Updates add on. 
How do I get Live Kernel Updates?
Talk to our support team to get Live Kernel Updates added to your server today, or select Live Kernel Updates when you sign up. You can also request Live Kernel Updates through the Account Control Center on select packages. Just go to the Dedicated tab in the left sidebar, then click Request Live Kernel Updates. Complete the form and submit it to submit your request. 
Can I apply a discount to my Live Kernel Updates add on?
Unfortunately, the Live Kernel Updates add on is not eligible for use with any promotions or discounts. 
How do I turn off Live Kernel Updates?
Don't want to use Live Kernel Updates anymore? Ask our support team to turn them off on your server. 
Updated on January 19, 2023

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