Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with our services or choose not to continue hosting with us during the first 100 days of opening a brand new hosting account, on a new billing account, a full refund will be issued for all hosting fees paid for those services, up to the date of termination -- including our set-up fees!

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Exceptions include: domain name registration fees, which are non-refundable due to registry rules; over-usage fees, for things like disk space and bandwidth beyond account allowances; pairLite, pairCloud, Weebly, or pairColo services; and fees for QuickServe dedicated servers. We reserve the right to suspend this offer in cases of fraud or abuse.

We request that any customer taking advantage of this guarantee fill out a survey form, so that we can improve our service for other customers. The survey will be provided upon cancellation.

Cancellations at any other time will receive a pro-rated refund for pre-paid but unused time, rounded down to the nearest month. Setup fees are non-refundable after the guarantee period expires. The effective date of any cancellation is the date on which the cancellation is verified as legitimate by pair Networks.