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ShopSite includes tools for site creation and management, sales and traffic statistics, secure encrypted transactions, and online order fulfillment. Pair Networks is a Certified Hosting Partner for ShopSite Starter, ShopSite Manager, and ShopSite Pro.

What is the URL of my "back office?"
The URL to access your administrative "back office" (used to handle all configuration of your ShopSite store) will be of the form:


example.com is the domain name you had the software installed for, and username is your account username.
Why is the URL so long?
This method of access is designed to meld ShopSite's method of user authentication (Apache's .htaccess file) with the cgiwrap program (which allows the scripts to run under your user id for better data security).
How do I configure my store to use SSL at the "checkout?"
To configure SSL use for your store, go to your back office and select first the "Preferences" button, followed by the "Hosting Services" button. Make sure both check boxes are selected under "SSL Security Settings", and fill in the text boxes with this data:

Secure URL of Shop Site: https://SERVERNAME.pair.com/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/username/sc
Secure URL of Shopping Basket: https://SERVERNAME.pair.com/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/username/sc

In both cases, username should be replaced with your account username, and SERVERNAME should be replaced by the name of the server that your account is on. If you are unsure what secure URL your server has, see the welcome message that came with your ShopSite installation.
How do I configure ShopSite's statistics generation?
To configure your statistics, select the "Reports" button, and then the "Configure Reports" button. Enter this information:

Server log file path: /usr/home/username/www_logs
Server log filename: www.*
Store ID sub-string: (shown at the bottom of most screens in your back office)

As always, replace username with your account username.
Where can I find more documentation on ShopSite?
In addition to the context-sensitive help within the program itself,

ShopSite offers online documentation, a knowledge base, a private USENET news server, and a technical announcements mailing list. Links to these resources can be found at:

Updated on January 19, 2023

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