Our Advantages


pair Networks has been around since 1996, and our CEO, Kevin Martin, has led us the whole way. The past two decades have brought more technological change than any other time in history, and pair Networks has been right there at the leading edge of it, focused on one thing: World-class Web hosting. We've been continually building expertise and refining our products. We believe in our customers. Your innovations have spurred us to new heights for almost twenty years, and we have the experience to help you grow into the 21st century.

"Our success today is directly attributable to each and every client we've had along the way. Thank you!"
Kevin Martin
Founder and CEO of pair Networks, Inc.

World-class support is personal support. We never outsource; when you contact pair Networks for support, you'll get a personal response from experts working in our own facilities, and supporting our own custom hardware and software. No one knows our products like we do. Contact our technical team any time, day or night, and get the support you deserve for the products you love.


Our network is monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our server and network uptime is well in excess of 99.9%, and we back up your data daily to ensure full recovery in the event of a disaster. Our entire facility is protected by multi-stage security, FM-200 fire suppression systems, battery backup systems, and two redundant 1.5 megawatt Detroit Diesel generators that can run indefinitely. Your data is always safe with pair Networks.

pair Networks Datacenter
Enterprise Level Hardware

We use only top of the line, custom-built servers running the ultra-stable and secure FreeBSD and Ubuntu operating systems so that we can provide you with the best possible service and support. The security, stability, and reliability of our security-hardened servers is passed on to you as a direct benefit. Specializing in the FreeBSD and Ubuntu platforms ensures that we are able to provide you with the best possible service and support.

We continually upgrade our servers as more powerful equipment becomes available. We will always host your Web site on state-of-the-art equipment with plenty of room for growth.


Our network connectivity is second to none. Today's Web users demand speed. Multiple 10 GigE connections to multiple, tier 1 Network Service Providers ensure that your Web sites will always load quickly and give your visitors the fast and smooth experience that will keep them on your site. Industry-leading routing and switching hardware keep your data flowing quickly and efficiently on our fully switched, collision-free, congestion-free network.

pair Networks Support

With pair Networks, there's a package for everyone. From our Shared Hosting packages at only $5.95 a month, to accounts with 400GB of transfer, we offer top-of-the line hardware, custom software, and personal support to every customer.

Fully-Managed Offerings

With our fully-managed hosting packages, our server-side hosting environment is managed by our experts. The server OS and installed software is kept up to date and secure. We provide backups, external and internal monitoring, and quick response in the event of a security emergency or signs of abuse.

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