ShopSite Hosting

“ShopSite has partnered with pair Networks for over 15 years. With all that experience, pair really knows ShopSite software and how to support its users.” -Guy Pribyl, Director of Account Management, ShopSite Inc.

pair Networks, Inc. has partnered with ShopSite to provide world-class hosting for online commerce. ShopSite provides a powerful, award-winning platform, which is a perfect fit for the security and reliability of our Web hosting services. All of our ShopSite-enabled Hosting plans are fully managed and backed by our famous 24x7 local support team.

ShopSite Software Includes Latest Feature Updates at No Additional Cost!

ShopSite Starter

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Feature-rich e-commerce software with 24x7 pair Networks support.

Site Setup Wizard
Multiple Payment Types

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ShopSite Manager

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Enhanced visuals and shipping tools for more professional shopping.

Automatic Mobile Page Generation
Realtime Shipping Quotes

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ShopSite Pro

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Inventory and shipping APIs expand the possibilities for large stores.

Advanced Marketing Features
Shopper Product Reviews

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E-Commerce Hosting Features

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24x7 In-House Support

Support by Phone & E-Mail
SSL Enabled
20 Years of Expertise
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Robust E-Mail

Custom E-Mail @ Your Domain
500 Mailboxes
Advanced Spam Filtering
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ShopSite Software

Browser-Based Setup
Mobile Responsive Themes
Easy Order Processing

3rd Party Integrations

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Compare ShopSite software features:

Fully Managed

Your hosting service is fully managed by our team of experts. We handle the hardware, the network, the operating system, and the uptime. You never need worry.

Local 24x7 Support

Our support engineering team is on-site in Pittsburgh, right next to our servers, around the clock. Whenever you need us, we are ready to help you.


All E-Commerce hosting packages include 60GB of disk storage and automatic daily backups, as well as up to 500 mailboxes with our full-featured email services, plus a complete development environment, identical to our other services.

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ONE HUNDRED All Web hosting services include our

100-Day Money Back Guarantee