Knowledge Base

New Account Information

Information about your hosting account.

Welcome Message

An explanation of the information in your new account Welcome Message.

Moving Your Web Site to pair Networks

Migrating your Web site from a previous Web host to pair Networks

Moving Your MySQL Database to pair Networks

Migrating a database from a previous Web host to pair Networks

Domain Name Services

Answers to some common questions about domain names.

New Domain Information

Information about domain name registration & registering through the ACC.

Existing Domain Information

Information on updating nameservers with your domain's registrar.

Uploading Files Using FTP

Find details about uploading files using FTP with the help of pair Networks' Knowledge Base and our World Class customer support.

Our File Directory Structure

Information on your Web hosting account's directory structure.

Connecting with SSH

Looking for help connecting to pair Networks servers with SSH? Learn about connecting with SSH in our customer support Knowledge Base.

Anonymous FTP Services

Using virtual FTP to upload to and download from your domain

File Permissions

Information about configuring the permissions on your files and directories.

Password Protected Directories

Directions on password protecting sections of your Web site.

Unix Basics

User friendly tips on using basic Unix commands.

Using Sellers Assistant

Help with using your account to host eBay auction images.

Troubleshooting: Access Problems

Solutions to common problems with accessing your account and Web site.

Troubleshooting: Network Problems

Information on identifying network problems and performing traceroutes.

Troubleshooting: Nameservice (DNS)

What to do if you experience difficulty with your domain name.

ACC Roadmap

Where to go in the ACC for common tasks

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