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E-Mail - WebMail is a Web-based e-mail system for pair Networks' customers. Every pair Networks mailbox is ready to use with Webmail (this includes both the mailbox that is included with every hosting account as well as extra mailboxes that are added using the Account Control Center).

WebMail is offered with three different interface choices: Squirrelmail, @Mail, and Roundcube. Use the URLs below to access a specific Webmail interface directly:


Or, you my go to and simply choose your interface at the top of the page.

Logging In To Webmail

Go to your desired Webmail interface or

  • Enter your username and domain name in e-mail address format.
    Here are some examples:
    If your username is 'customer' and your domain name is ',' you would enter this: If you are checking a mailbox that was created using the Account Control Center, you would enter the e-mail box username and the domain name. Lastly, if you do not have a domain name you can enter your pair Networks username and the mail server name like this:
  • Enter the password associated with the account or mailbox.
  • Click the 'Login' button.

Using Webmail

Once you have logged in, you can read e-mail, send e-mail, receive e-mail, and much more.

To modify most settings for the SquirrelMail program, use the "Options" link. To modify most settings for the @Mail and RoundCube programs use the "Settings" link.

For help using any of these Webmail interfaces check the program documentation or contact our support team.


Webmail takes advantage of the added functionality of the Internet Message Access Protocol, or IMAP. The difference between IMAP and the Post Office Protocol, or POP, is that IMAP allows for the reading of e-mail on the e-mail server itself, while POP requires that e-mail messages be downloaded to your local computer.

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