Knowledge Base

Virtual Mailboxes

Information on receiving mail sent to any address @ your domain.

Setting up an E-Mail Reader

Settings and configuration information for accessing your e-mail.


Accessing your mail online via

SMTP Service at pair Networks

Specifications for the use of the outgoing mail server.

Using the Pine Mail Program

Accessing your mail with a common Unix mail reader via Telnet/SSH.

E-Mail Forwarding, Autoresponders, and Advanced Configurations

Configuring mail processing recipes through the Account Control Center.

Junk E-Mail Filtering Overview

General information on your e-mail filtering options.

Junk E-Mail Filtering And Your E-Mail Reader

Configuring your e-mail reading program to handle e-mail tagged as junk.

Junk E-Mail Filtering: Advanced Options

Information on more advanced, customizable e-mail filtering capabilities.

Using Qmail

Overview of the qmail e-mail package along with information on configuring e-mail processing rules.

E-Mailing Lists

Information about our pairList mailing list service.

Troubleshooting: E-Mail Problems

Solutions to common problems with sending and receiving e-mail.

Saving Junk E-Mail Messages to a File

Instructions on how to save junk e-mail messages to a specified file.

Enhanced Junk E-Mail Filtering System FAQs

Answers to common questions about our enhanced junk e-mail filtering system.

Understanding and Stopping Junk E-Mail From Your Domain Name

Explains why you receive junk e-mail from your domain and how to stop it