Knowledge Base

Virtual Mailboxes

Information on receiving mail sent to any address @ your domain.

Setting up an E-Mail Reader

Looking to set up an e-mail reader? pair Networks' Knowledge Base offers tutorials and walkthroughs for e-mail reader options.


Find information on pair Networks Webmail services in the email Knowledge Base. Every pair Networks mailbox is ready to use with Webmail.

SMTP Service at pair Networks

Looking for help with SMTP services? The pair Networks Knowledge Base will help you work through SMTP authentication, setup, and troubleshooting.

Using the Pine Mail Program

Accessing your mail with a common Unix mail reader via Telnet/SSH.

E-Mail Forwarding, Autoresponders, and Advanced Configurations

Configuring mail processing recipes through the Account Control Center.

Junk E-Mail Filtering Overview

General information on your e-mail filtering options.

Junk E-Mail Filtering And Your E-Mail Reader

Configuring your e-mail reading program to handle e-mail tagged as junk.

Junk E-Mail Filtering: Advanced Options

Information on more advanced, customizable e-mail filtering capabilities.

Using Qmail

Overview of the qmail e-mail package along with information on configuring e-mail processing rules.

E-Mailing Lists

Information about our pairList mailing list service.

Troubleshooting: E-Mail Problems

Solutions to common problems with sending and receiving e-mail.

Saving Junk E-Mail Messages to a File

Instructions on how to save junk e-mail messages to a specified file.

Enhanced Junk E-Mail Filtering System FAQs

Answers to common questions about our enhanced junk e-mail filtering system.

Understanding and Stopping Junk E-Mail From Your Domain Name

Explains why you receive junk e-mail from your domain and how to stop it

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