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Why We’re Disabling SquirrelMail

What is SquirrelMail?

SquirrelMail is a webmail client that can be used for webmail. It is not the same as your mailbox that was created on a Pair Networks hosting account. It also does not host your mailbox.

Instead, SquirrelMail is used to display and manage your mailbox. You can send email, delete email, create folders, etc. in SquirrelMail. While you can do all these things from SquirrelMail, you can easily accomplish the same things in another webmail client, like RoundCube.

The End of SquirrelMail

The SquirrelMail webmail client interface is being deprecated. On July 31st, we will remove access to SquirrelMail completely.

Squirrelmail interface image
SquirrelMail Webmail Client Interface

This sudden move to deprecate SquirrelMail was a long time in coming. Back when pair Networks was a fledgling company, SquirrelMail was the default webmail client for our webmail solutions. However, SquirrelMail has not been our default or preferred webmail interface for a number of years.

The last stable SquirrelMail release was in July 2011, nearly 8 years ago. Because it has been so long since SquirrelMail has had a new release, we cannot depend on it to be secure. Due to this and a recent security flaw in SquirrelMail's HTML display, we have decided to finally remove SquirrelMail as a webmail option.

We want to stress this does not affect your email mailbox or the server your mailbox is hosted on. Your mailboxes are secure and we routinely update their setup so that they are patched against new threats. This change merely affects the webmail client that the mailbox uses to display the email.

roundcube image
RoundCube Webmail Client Interface

Because we are removing SquirrelMail from our webmail options, customers using SquirrelMail will be moved to the RoundCube webmail client, which is now our default webmail client.

Don't worry! Moving from SquirrelMail to RoundCube will not affect your email. The only change will be a different interface.

The Timeline

There are two phases to the SquirrelMail deprecation.

Disabling HTML Display - Early July

A security flaw was discovered in SquirrelMail's HTML email display feature. This security flaw was one of the main reasons that pair Networks chose to cease using SquirrelMail.

So, in order to protect your email from potential harm, we have chosen to disable SquirrelMail's HTML display feature in early July.

Once this feature is disabled, SquirrelMail will no longer be able to display HTML emails as they are designed to be. Instead, if a plain text version is available,  it will display them as plain text emails. However, if a plain text version is not available, then the email will be displayed as raw HTML code.

Disabling SquirrelMail - July 31, 2019

On July 31st, SquirrelMail will no longer be available through our WebMail interface. After SquirrelMail is disabled, SquirrelMail users will be sent to our RoundCube webmail client instead.

We recommend trying RoundCube before SquirrelMail is disabled. You can use the RoundCube interface by going to the following URL and logging in to your mailbox:


Updated on February 20, 2020

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