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Video: Viewing System Notices in the ACC

Learn where to find system notices in the Account Control Center:


Hi. Sean here, and we're talking about how to view your system notices in the Account Control Center.

So once you're logged into the Account Control Center, scroll down to Support, then choose Customize Your System Notices. The page loads up and shows recent system notices for your account. You also have the ability to customize the system notices. You can get email notifications and you can get an RSS feed.

So an important thing that some customers will want is to configure their email notifications, so click on Configure E-Mail Notifications, enable the announcement, and then select the email address that you want to receive the notification at.

If you need to get multiple notices at multiple addresses, what we recommend is create a recipe that forwards to the multiple addresses and then use that forward recipe or that forward address in the email address field here. Click Submit, get the thumbs up, here, and you're good to go.

You start getting email notifications for anything related to your server or major system updates network issues anything like that, and you'll be informed of what's going on. Check out kb.pair.com if you have any questions or email us at support@pair.com. Have a great day.

Updated on April 5, 2018

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