Learn how to switch domain hosting and turn Weebly off for a domain:



Hi. Sean here. I’m going to tell you how to turn off Weebly for a Weebly hosting domain.

Login the Account Control Center, scroll down to Add Ons, click on Weebly Site Builder. On this next page, you’ll get a list of all your Weebly sites.

And click on the domain that you want to turn off Weebly for, and then the last option on the right-hand side, here, Modify Domain Name Hosting. Click on that and you’re given Change  Domain Name Hosting settings.

You can select from dedicated IP domain hosting, parked domain hosting, and shared IP domain hosting. There’s also a warning here: Changing the hosting setting of a Weebly hosting domain will delete your Weebly site. It is not possible to use another hosting option with Weebly domain hosting. So if you no longer need this site, go ahead and select a new hosting option, and then click Modify Domain Name Settings.

If you need to preserve the Weebly site, you want to move that to another domain on your account, which we cover in another video.

So if you have any questions check out kb.pair.com email us at support@pair.com. That’s all there is to it. Have a nice day.