Learn how to set up a pair mailbox on Outlook.com.


This video will show you how to use your pair mailbox on Outlook.com. First, we’re going to go to the pair Account Control Center to find out what our email settings are for our mailbox. Click on E-mail Settings, and then click on Mailboxes currently configured. Now let’s click on our mailbox.

These are the settings we’re going to need later, so let’s keep this window open. First you must have an account on Outlook.com after signing in, click on the gear at the top right of the screen and choose Options. Under Accounts, click on Connected Accounts, then click on Other Email Accounts.

Now we’re going to fill out the information needed to connect your account. First is Display Name. This is the name that will be associated with your email. Next, fill in your pair mailbox’s address, then fill in the password for your mailbox.

Please note: this is not your ACC password. This is the password for this specific email address.

Then click OK. Choose your connection type, and then click OK. Now we’re going to fill in the account information. Some information will be pre-populated from the previous pages. The username can be found in your specific mailbox settings in the ACC. It usually resembles the original mailbox address. And then your password – once again, this is the password for your pair mailbox.

Choose where your mail will be stored. Now we’re going to fill in the server information. This can be found on the page that we just saved from the ACC. The rest of the information will be filled in for you. You can also select whether you’d prefer sending email using your provider’s server or sending using Outlook.com server. Click OK and that’s it. Your account is now connected.

For more information, you can go to our knowledgebase at kb.pair.com or contact our support team at support@pair.com.