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Video: Dedicated Server Account Features


The dedicated server accounts offer some different options than other Pair Networks' hosting accounts. This video goes over the features that are native only to our dedicated hosting accounts.


The QuickServe Dedicated server accounts offers some different options than other Pair Networks hosting accounts. In this video, we’re going to go over some of the features that are native only to our QuickServer hosting accounts.

So, under the E-Mail, we have Manage Main Account Mailbox Settings. This is where you can view and edit your main account mailbox’s settings. You can specify alternate delivery instructions here, as well as Junk E-Mail Filtering for your main account mailbox.

Next is Manage Global E-Mail Delivery Settings. Go here to view and edit E-Mail Deliver Instructions and Junk E-Mail Filtering for all incoming emails messages addressed to mailboxes on the account. This is a great way to institute account-wide delivery rules.

In the next drop-down section, called Files, QuickServe Dedicated accounts have the added feature: Mailbox. Here, you can view the files associated with your account’s mailboxes. They are separated out by domains.

In the Advanced drop-down there are several new options that are only available on QuickServe accounts, the first of which is Restart Apache.

Visit the Restart Apache page if you need to restart your account’s Apache server.

Force Account Update, which is situated right below Restart Apache, is where you can go to force any account changes. You do not need to force account updates to ensure that your account changes are made. Usually, account changes will take place within ten minutes of making the change.

Next, Manage Firewall Rules is where rules for your account’s firewall can be added or deleted.

Lastly, Manage Backups gives you the ability to view old backups and manage your account’s backup settings.

Updated on February 26, 2020

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