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Video: How to Blacklist Email Subjects

Learn how to blacklist email subjects in the Account Control Center:


Hi. Sean here, talking about blacklisting subjects for email.

Once you log into the ACC, you click on E-Mail, scroll down to Manage Junk E-mail Filter Settings, then scroll down to Additional Junk E-mail Filtering Options, Add Remove or View Rejected Subjects, and here's where you can put in the subject that you want to block and you can put in some comments there.

Important notes about like blacklisting a subject or even whitelisting a subject. It uses something called string matching. So, for example, if we type in we want to block the subject of "ass". It's a common term that shows up in junk email.

The problem here is that those three letters, a-s-s, well then they show up in the same word. They show up in the word "password," so what this will do here is, if we blacklist this as our subject these three letters, we're going to blacklist any email that has this “password” in the subject and that's typically a bad thing. For example, when you get a password reset via email.

You want to pick words that are not short and that aren’t going to be pieces of other words so, we might say, “you know my black pony.” Been getting a lot of junk mail with that. “My black pony,” that's going to block that subject or, I guess, a better example would be “refinance now.”

Put a little comment in here and click Add Rejected Subjects. So now any subject - so now any email that I get that has “refinance now” in it is going to get blocked. It could be, “great time to refinance now,” “refinance now before rates go up,” or just “refinance now.” If it's just “refinance,” it's not going to match on that because it does string matching. It's going to match the whole string of characters that you put in there, so the big point to take away from here is to not use short, short words.

That's all there is to it. If you have any questions check out kb.pair.com or email us at support@pair.com. Have a great day.

Updated on April 5, 2018

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