Learn how to embed a MailChimp form into your Weebly site.


This video will show you how to embed a MailChimp subscription form into your Weebly Site. Those who subscribe will automatically be added to your list in MailChimp.

To get started, go to your MailChimp account and click Lists in the top navbar. This will bring up your MailChimp Lists. Choose the list that you want new subscriptions added to and click its Stats button. In the drop-down, click the Signup Forms option. Now, in the Embedded forms section, click Select.

This will take you to form editor. Here you can edit your form’s fields, coding, and more. When you are finished editing, copy the code under the Copy/paste onto your site.

Now, go to your Weebly site builder. Once there, go to the left sidebar and click and drag the Embed Code option onto your site. As you can see, there is a blue line that indicates where the form will be placed. I’m going to place it here.

A box with the text “Click to set custom HTML” inside will appear. Click this box. A pop-up will appear, in which you can click Edit Custom HTML.

Paste your code from your MailChimp list into this box, then click outside of the box. Your new form should appear, like so.

And that’s it. If you have any questions, see our knowledgbase or contact our support team at support@pair.com.