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Video: Deleting Files

Learn how to use the ACC to delete files:



Hi. This is Sean and today I'm going to show you how to delete files in the Account Control Center.

So once you're logged in, we're going to go over to the  left menu here. Second option down is Files. Click on that and we want to go to the directory where we're going to delete the file. So today we're going to go into the Web directory. Click on Web. It gives you the directory listing and the name of the file that we want to delete.

It’s not in this directory, so we need to click on the blue folder icon of the directory you want to go into and today that is kbtesting.pair.com.

If you click on the name you're not going to get where you need to go. So click on the blue folder icon and we want to delete this index.html file. So we'll click on index.html and up on the top of the screen here, we have some options of downloading, renaming, copying, moving, or deleting -- and that's what we want to do is delete.

So we click Delete and it brings us to the confirm page and we click Delete again.

And there we go. The file has been deleted. That's all there is to it. Any other questions? Check out kb.pair.com, email us at support@pair.com and we'll be happy to help.

Updated on April 5, 2018

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