Learn how to create a cron job in the Account Control Center:


Hi. Sean here, we’re talking about adding a cron job for the Account Control Center.

So once you’re logged into the Account Control Center, on the left-hand side of the screen, scroll down to Advanced, and then click Manage Cron Jobs. Here you’ll see a note on the contact configuration page. The notes talks about mixing cron jobs that are set up through the crontab command on the server or through the ACC. You don’t want to do that; you want to pick one. You don’t want to do both.

So stick with doing after the ACC or if you’re more comfortable doing it through the command line, do it that way.

Add a New Cron Job, click the button, select how frequently you want the job to run. We’re going to select daily here. Click Proceed. We’re going to pick the time a day, 10:00 am, and then we have to give the command we want it to run.

So I’m going to have it run a PHP script and when running a PHP script, we want to give it a path to PHP before we give it the path to our script. So in this case, we want to tell it user/local/bin/PHP then give it the path to our script.

Check it over, it looks good, then click Add cron Job. Get the thumbs-up. The cron jobs have been added and we’re good to go. That’s all there is to it. Check out kb.pair.com or email us at support@pair.com if you have any other questions. Have a great day.