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Video: Adding Users in pairCloud

Learn how to add users to pairCloud using SSH.


Hi, Sean here and we're covering adding users to a pairCloud accounts. In this case we're using an Ubuntu-flavored pairCloud instance. We've already SSH-ed into the server using a command line on a Windows machine. You can also connect to your pairCloud account via the Account Control Center and so we'll just get right to it here.

So once you're in, the command we're going to use is add user. And if you just hit add user and hit enter-- oh, there we go. That's the first mistake I've made here. Need to be root. So we're gonna SU to root. Should be the same password to get root as the one that you use to connect to the server as your Ubuntu user. So now we have root. Type in “adduser.” It only gives us a little information there. If you're comfortable with or have used Linux or UNIX before, you know about the man pages and you can do “man adduser” to get a lot more info. In this case, we're gonna skip that and we're just going to get to adding a user and this command will add a user and do all the things that are defined in the adduser.conf file on the server. So if you want to make changes to this you want to edit the adduser.conf file, which on Ubuntu I believe is /etc/adduser.conf.

We're not going to do anything different here so we're just going to “adduser.” we're just gonna add user “johnjohn” and we hit enter. So we hit add, we typed adduse, we gave the username as “johnjohn” had spit out a few things and it's asking for a password for “johnjohn,” so you know you want to use a -- okay so my passwords didn't match there, so let's try it again. Ask you to confirm full name. Number. We're gonna skip that work number a skip that home number other it says information correct - yes and there we go we're done. We've added a user.

So let's say you want to add a user that is mapped to a different directory than the default of the etc I'm sorry the adduser.conf file. You can use the home flag on the when you're running add user so add user dash dash home the path to the directory and then the other, the username - hit enter. Spits out a bunch of things you provided. Another password. Confirm that password.

Didn't match, let's try it again. Full name, if you want. You don't necessarily have to do that. You can put that in there, hit enter. We don't need a room number, work phone, home phone. We're not adding any of this stuff, so just hit enter and it skips through it and is this name correct?

Yes, and you've added that user. When adding a user with a customized directory the add user command will create that directory and it will copy the skeleton files into it so the directory doesn't need to exist when you're doing that.

Okay, let's say you need to delete a user. You can use “userdel” and I type in userdel and I get some usage here about the commands. There's also the man page. You can use “man userdel” and you hit enter and that'll give you some more information about it. In this case, we're just doing “userdel” and let's delete “foo pairr” and boom, there we go.

That's all there is to that. Let's say we want to change a password for a user we're gonna use the password command or actually it's “passwd” and we just want to give it the username, hit enter, and it asks us for the new password. Enter in the new password, confirm the new password and there we get we've changed the password for the user “johnjohn” and there we have just some basic user commands for your pair cloud user. All there is to it. If you have any questions check out kb.pair.com. Have a great day.

Updated on April 5, 2018

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