Learn how to add a pairSSL Certificate to your domain in the Account Control Center:


Hi. This is Charlie, and today I will show you how to add a pairSSL certificate.

On the left-hand side of our menu system, click Add Ons and then pairSSL certificates. This is the page where it shows all the certificates that are available by pair. When you’ve made your decision which certificate to order, go ahead and click Order Now.

Here you’re presented with an order form. You must fill out all the required fields and they should match the information that’s on your domain name. Also, you have the option to selecting a term of one, two, or three years for the certificate, and the domain in the drop-down menu. Once you’re ready, click the Submit button. This information will be sent to our SSL team, where they will actually create the order and fulfill the certificate for you, and install it.

If you need further information go to kb.pair.com or send an email to support@pair.com and we’ll be happy to help you.