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FAQ – pairCloud

What is pairCloud?

pairCloud is a service providing unmanaged virtual private servers. We make sure pairCloud servers are online and have network connectivity, and leave the administration and usage of your pairCloud server up to you, giving you unprecedented flexibility.

Do you offer root access for pairCloud servers?

Yes; pairCloud allows for root access running on our hardware, network, and support team.

Do you provide support for pairCloud?

Yes; phone and email support are offered for pairCloud services, but the areas that we support for pairCloud servers are somewhat different from our managed hosting offerings. pairCloud support includes support for the following aspects of pairCloud services:

  • The physical hardware running your virtual machines
  • The virtualization process
  • The network that pairCloud runs on
  • External monitoring
  • Image installation (using pairCloud images)
  • Our first-party Account Control Center interface, which is used for pairCloud account administration, server creation, and other tasks

What interface is provided for pairCloud services?

We use custom-built first-party account control software, the Account Control Center, for pairCloud. By using first-party software, we are able to provide software designed around pariCloud services, and supported in-house by pair Networks employees.

Does your money back guarantee apply to pairCloud services?

No; we are currently unable to offer our money back guarantee for pairCloud services.

Do you offer multi-month discounts for pairCloud services?

No; multi-month discounts do not apply to pairCloud services.

Why am I being asked to pay an existing balance when I attempt to create a new pairCloud server?

If your account is more than 30 days past due, you will be unable to create new pairCloud servers until you reconcile your past due balance.

What payment types are allowed for pairCloud services?

We currently allow payments by debit or credit card only.

What OS is being run on the host machines?

Host machines are currently running Ubuntu.

What are you using for storage?

Storage is CEPH-based, using redundant SSD drives.

How are you handling virtualization?

KVM is used for the hypervisor.

Am I able to choose a specific IP address?

We do not offer hand-picked IP addresses or varied blocks of IP addresses. Your server will automatically be assigned an IP address at the time of its creation.

Updated on July 27, 2018

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