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How to Download Files from the ACC

This feature may not work in all browsers. If your browser is not compatible, you can try another browser or connect to the server an  FTP/SFTP client and use the client to download the files.

How to Download Files from the ACC

  1. Log in to the Account Control Center (ACC)
  2. Click Files in the left sidebar
  3. Click the HomeHome button location in the left sidebar image
  4. Navigate to the file you want to download and click on its name. Files are indicated by a gray paper icon. Directories are shown as blue folder icons. To view a directory’s contents, you can click its nameimage of the difference between directory icon (blue folder) and file icon (gray page)
  5. In the navigation bar under the File Details header, click Download
  6. On the next page, click Download Files to confirm the downloadImage that shows location of download button

You may be required to enter your ACC account username and password. Once you enter your credentials and confirm, the file will open up in your browser.

If you want to download the file to your local machine instead of viewing in the browser, right-click the Download Files button and click Save Link As… from the drop-down. Image of Right click toolbar

Select where you would like the file saved and click Save. The file will be downloaded to that location.

Updated on October 26, 2018

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