A podcast is an audio file made available on the internet for people to listen to. From advice to storytelling to education, podcasts cover a wide range of topics. Keep reading to find out how to add a podcast to your WordPress site.

Adding the Audio File to Your WordPress Site

You can add an audio file the same way you can add any other media to your WordPress post. One way is to add the audio file to your media library and then use Add Media to input into your post. Another way is to drag and drop the file on the post to add it.

Drag and drop image

Once added to a WordPress post, WordPress will automatically transform the audio file into an interactive audio slider that people can use to listen to your podcast, right on your webpage.

audio bar example image

You can also upload the audio file from your server. This is especially helpful if you’re posting the podcast on multiple sites. First, you need to add the podcast to your site’s directory. Here’s an article about how to upload files to the ACC.

Make sure the file is in a Web directory of your site. Access the Web directory by clicking Files in the left sidebar and clicking Web in the drop-down. Find your site’s directory and then add the podcast file.

Once you have the podcast established in a site’s directory, use that site’s URL with the podcast file name on the end to input into WordPress. It will end up looking like this:

To add the podcast file to your WordPress post from your server, you can:

  1. Click Add Media
  2. In the left sidebar, click Insert from URL
  3. Input the URL in the first box. The URL will look something like this:
  4. Click Insert into post

If you are using a dedicated podcast server, like Libsyn, please refer to their documentation about adding podcasts to WordPress.

How to Create a Dedicated Podcast Feed

Create a Podcast Category

  1. Log in to your WordPress site’s WP admin interface
  2. Hover over Posts and click Categories
    • Posts dropdown to categories navigation image
  3. Make a category for your podcast feed
    • Create a new category interface image
  4. Click Add New Category

Add Your Podcast Posts to a Category

If you have already created podcast posts, you need to go back and edit their category. If you have not created any podcast posts, you can select the category as you create them. You can add posts to a category by:

  1. Open new post or edit an old one
    • Add New buttons location image
  2. In the right sidebar, find the Categories section
    • Categories location in right sidebar
  3. Click the box next to your podcast category. Make sure the box is checked
  4. In the Publish section at the top of the right sidebar, click Update or Publish

Finding Your Podcast Feed

If you want to find your podcast category’s RSS feed, you can do so after you’ve completed the two steps above.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a type of web feed that allows people to subscribe and receive updates from the site. People can subscribe to multiple RSS feeds and receive all the updates on one application. This saves the subscribers time and gives you more access to your audience.

To find your podcast category’s RSS, enter:

Replace mySiteName with your domain name and podcastsCategoryName with the name of your podcast category.

This URL will take you to a page with the category’s RSS feed.

Get More Podcast Functionality

Podcasts are a great way to engage your audience. However, the files can be large and take up a lot of disk space. If you think you may need more disk space, you may want to look into hosting your podcasts separately from your site hosting. If you are considering podcast hosting, recommend you check out Libsyn, a podcast hosting company.