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FAQ-Movable Type

What is Movable Type?

Movable Type is a Web-based personal publishing system. It is designed to ease maintenance of regularly-updated news or journal sites such as blogs (weblogs).

How many Movable Type installations may I have on my account?

You may have as many Movable Type installations as you wish on your hosting account.

Please note that this Movable Type service is not for resale.

How many blogs can I create, and how many authors can I have, with a single Movable Type installation?

You can create as many blogs as you need, with as many authors as you need, with a single Movable Type installation. If your multiple blogs become popular and require more resources, you can upgrade your hosting plan all the way up to our dedicated server offering.

Please note that this Movable Type service is not for resale.

Can I use a single Movable Type installation with multiple domain names?

Yes, you can post multiple blogs to multiple domain names under a single pair Networks Web hosting account with a single Movable Type installation. Please note, however, that you can only use one administration panel per Movable Type installation. This single administration panel can handle administrative functions for all the Movable Type blogs you have on your Web hosting account. This administration panel needs to be accessed via one domain name on your account.

If you wish to use multiple administration panels for your blogs, you must install an additional Movable Type through the ACC Software Installation Manager.

What if I want to import blog entries into my Movable Type blog?

Movable Type offers the ability for people to import blog entries from other blogging applications. First, you will have to export your blog entries from the other blog publishing system and then import those entries into Movable Type.

For detailed instructions on how to import blog entries into your Movable Type blog, please visit:


What if I have questions about using Movable Type?

Movable Type provides all of its customers with a detailed, easy-to-understand user manual that covers topics from configuring Movable Type to creating your first weblog:
In addition, Movable Type maintains a support forum that any of its thousands of users can use. Tap into the vast knowledge of experienced Movable Type bloggers at:
If you have questions regarding an installation or upgrade of Movable Type through the ACC Software Installation Manger contact support@pair.com.

What if I am running an earlier version of Movable Type, and I want the latest version installed?

Movable Type upgrades are available for free for all customers who have purchased the Software Installation Manager in the ACC. Simply click on the red upgrade link in the ACC next to Movable Type and follow the steps to upgrade Movable Type to the desired version.

Updated on September 17, 2018

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