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Adding Pages to Your Weebly Site

Weebly Editor

How to Add Weebly Pages

Learn how to use your Weebly editor to make new webpages:

1. Log in to your Weebly account. See instructions on how to log in through the ACC in the Accessing the Weebly Editor article.

2. Click Pages in the top navigation bar

3. Click the + button next to the Pages header

4. Select what kind of page you want to create. Click here to see an explanation of each page type

5. From here, you can edit your page

You can check out our Weebly Header Types and Using SEO on Weebly Pages articles to learn more about editing your page.

Weebly Page Types

Standard Page

This is a simple page. Its content is editable and can contain headers.

Blog Page

This page is specifically set up with blog capabilities. It has some of the functionality of the standard page with headers and editable content in certain areas.

For blogging purposes, it has the ability to house multiple posts and comments.

External Page

An external page should be used when you want to include a page on your site that is housed on another site.

This type of page is good f you have two websites that are closely related. The external page gives you the ability to use a page for both websites, instead of having to redesign a duplicate.

Non-Clickable Menu

This is a navigation item that shows other subpages in a dropdown. To learn how to add a subpage, go to our Adding Weebly Subpages article.

This type of page cannot hold any content and will not take you to a page if clicked.

Updated on November 18, 2021

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