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Adding a Product Category to Your Weebly Store

Weebly Editor

You can add categories to your store in order to organize your products. To do so, you must first navigate to your Weebly site’s store editor. Find out how to do this by reading our Finding Weebly’s Store Editor.

Adding a Product Category

  1. In the left sidebar, click Products
  2. A drop-down under Products will appear. Click Categories 
  3. In the right upper corner, click + Add CategoryAdd Category image
  4. Input information for your new category in the following sections:
    • Category Information: Input your new category’s name.Category Information image
    • Products: Click + Select Products and select all the products you would like added to this category.Add product to category image
    • Category Image: Click Add Image to upload an image to represent the category.
    • Category Image
    • Display Options: Choose whether the category will display as a header, splash header, or have no header.
    • display options image
    • Advanced Options: Click Show to display SEO and permalink options for this category.
    • Category advanced information image
  5. When finished inputting the information in the sections, click Save in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

You have just added one category to your store. You can add more categories by repeating this process.

Updated on November 18, 2021

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