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How to Add Subscribers to Your PairList Mailing List

We are deprecating PairList. While existing lists will still work, users may no longer create new lists.

There are two ways subscribers can be added to your PairList mailing list. You can either add them or they can add themselves.

Add Subscribers Manually

To add subscribers manually, you must first log in to the PairList admin interface. Find instructions on how this is done in our How do I get to the PairList Admin Interface? article.

  1. Once you have logged in to the PairList admin interface, click Membership Management in the top list
  2. A sub-list will display beneath Membership Management. Click Mass Subscription in this list
  3. Under the Mass Subscriptions heading, make sure Subscribe these users now or invite them? is set to Subscribe
  4. In the text field below Enter one address per line below… enter the email addresses of those you would like to subscribe to the mailing list
  5. After you finish, click Submit Your Changes

Each address must be on its own line. Avoid extra spaces at the end of the address. They may cause errors.

Subscribers Add Themselves

Subscribers can also add themselves. There are two methods you can use to give subscribers the ability to sign up.

The List Info page contains basic information about your mailing list and includes a form that allows people to subscribe. You can send potential subscribers to this page with instructions to fill out the form.

This is also the page you go to log in to your admin interface. Visitors to this page cannot access the admin interface or subscriber list unless you have given them admin or moderator privileges. They can only manage their subscription status.

To find the List Info page URL, see the instructions below:

  1. Log in to the Account Control Center (ACC)
  2. Click Add Ons in the left sidebar
  3. Click PairList in the drop-down
  4. Click the list name of your PairList
  5. This will take you to the List Info page for this PairList. Copy the URL in the address bar

This is the URL you can supply to potential subscribers. It will resemble something like this: https://SERVER/mailman/listinfo/LISTNAME

Potential subscribers can set up a subscription under the Subscribe to LISTNAME heading.

Set Up a Subscription Form

The other method is to set up a signup form on your website. This form will collect subscription information and add the subscription to your PairList. To see how to set up a subscription form, see our article, How to Put a PairList Subscription Form on Your Webpage.

Updated on February 3, 2023

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