pair Networks offers the perfect solution for eBay sellers who utilize Seller’s Assistant software (formerly known as AuctionAssistant). Our FTP Account provides a complete email and Web storage package at a very low price — just $5.95 per month plus a one-time setup fee of $20.00. Many have found that our first-rate hosting services and reliability justify choosing to pay for hosting services (rather than using free hosting services to house the images associated with eBay auctions). Our customers are not only getting a great value but have the opportunity to expand and upgrade their hosting service in the future.

General Seller’s Assistant Configuration

Open the program, and select Options from the File menu. Select the “FTP Settings” tab, and fill out the information as follows:

  • FTP Userid – Enter your account’s username in lowercase letters.
  • FTP Password – Enter your current account password.
  • Remote FTP Host – Enter the name of the server that your account resides on.
  • Remote FTP Port – Set to 21. At this point, click the “Test FTP Connection” button, and carefully recheck the above information if it is not successful.
  • Web Images URL – Replace the number “123” (in the screenshot example below) with your server number. Replace “username” with your pair Networks username.
  • Host Image Dir – Set to public_html


Configuring Seller’s Assistant For Email

Now, select the “Email Text” tab. Fill out the information as follows:

  • From Address – Enter your login name followed by if you would like to use your pair Networks account to receive the email associated with your eBay auctions, as shown below.


Additional Resources

For additional information about sending and receiving email through your pair Networks account, please review the Email Services articles in our Support Forum.

If you require additional assistance with Seller’s Assistant software, please send an email to for issues relating to the Web hosting configuration or contact eBay for issues relating to the functionality of the software.