Learn how to setup and manage web statistics reports for your pair account.


Web statistics reports help you keep track of your account. In the Account Control Center, you can decide how your account manages these reports.

First though, you have to navigate to Manage Web Statistics Reports. You can do this by clicking Site Statistics in the left sidebar, then clicking Manage Web Statistics Reports. This will take you to the Bandwidth Log Reporting page. This is where you can make decisions on how your account processes statistics reports.

In this second paragraph on the page, you will see a file path. This is where the reports will be stored. Underneath this, there is Log Analysis Tool with a corresponding drop-down. In the drop-down, you can select whether the statistics are processed by the Analog tool, Webalizer tool, or by none. For more information about these tools, check out their descriptions in our knowledgebase. When you change the log analysis tool in the drop-down, you need to click Change Tool to save the change.

To change the tool settings, click the next button down: Tool Settings. You can name the report, add a report URL, as well as configure what types of report your chosen tool processes. When finished making changes, click Update Settings.

If you return to the previous page, you will see that the last option is Nightly Reports. You can activate or deactivate nightly reports by clicking the button here. You can see whether nightly reports are active or not by looking next to Nightly Reports.

And that’s it. If you have any questions, check out our knowledgebase or contact support at support@pair.com.