Learn how to use email recipes in the Account Control Center (ACC).


This video demonstrates how to set up email recipes on your pair account. All accounts at pair networks have the ability to use email recipes, which are rules that specify how email messages should be delivered. Email recipes can be set up through the Account Control Center.

So once you’re logged in on the left-hand side, click on E-Mail, then click on Create New Recipe. First, we’ll set up a forward recipe. For this, you’ll check forward and then a single email address. As you can see here, you can also set up a recipe that applies to all email addresses or a certain domain. If your only intention is to forward email messages and not keep a copy of the messages on your pair network server, then you only need to create a forward recipe. You do not have to create a mailbox with the same email address as the forward recipe. For the single email address, select the domain you want this recipe to apply to and then type in the mailbox name to complete that address and click proceed. Under Forward To, type in the address that you want this email to forward to. You can also enable filtering for this recipe. From here, you’ll collect Create Forward.

Next, let’s set up a block. Select Block. Once again, fill in your address and click Proceed. This recipe automatically blocks incoming mail to the specified address. You can also supply a short message explaining why the email is being blocked here. From here, you’ll click Create Block.

The next recipe type is mailbox. This recipe automatically delivers an email message to a specified mailbox on your account. Junk filter settings on the target mailbox will be applied to this recipe. Here, you’ll fill in your address and then click Proceed. From this screen, you’ll select the pair mailbox from the drop-down and click Create Mailbox Delivery.

The last recipe type on the list is Autoresponder. This recipe sends back a message when mail comes to a specific address on your domain name. From here you’ll click Autoresponder, fill in your address, and click Proceed. From here you’ll fill in several fields: Name: this is the name that will appear in the from part of the header. From Email Address: this is the address that will show in the header. You can also put in a Subject here and an Autoresponder message. Limit Autoresponse Frequency determines how often each person will receive this message. Fill in Only Respond Every how many days and a Date Range. When you’re done, click Create Autoresponder.

You can also create multiple recipes. Click on Create Multiple Recipes on the left-hand side of the screen and here’s where you can select for each recipe: the type of recipe, the recipient address, the target, and whether it’s going to filter out junk email. When you’re done, click Create Recipes.

If you would like to delete an email recipe, click on E-mail Settings, click the link underneath the heading, Delivery Instructions, that corresponds with the domain name containing your recipe. Select the Delete checkbox to the right of the recipe you wish to remove and then, above that, click on Delete Selected. You’ll receive some warning messages here and then underneath that, you can Confirm Delete. You can create multiple recipes for the same email address. For example, to forward email messages to two separate mailboxes, you must create two separate forward recipes. You can also combine different types of recipes. However, please note that the block recipe cannot be used with any other type of recipe.

For more information, check out our knowledgebase kb.pair.com or contact our support team at support@pair.com.