Learn how to set a limit on your ACC mailbox.


Hi. Sean here. We’re covering how to set up mailbox size limit today.

Get logged into the ACC and we click on E-Mail and then E-mail Settings. Scroll down to the domain name that you want to set the mailbox size limit on. On this page, you get a listing of the mailboxes so then you click on the mailbox you want to put the size limit on, oh here’s one that already has one. Perfect. Maximum mailbox size 250 megabytes and the boxes clicked right here in the middle of the page here underneath your mail server settings. If we want to bump that up, we can. Let’s say we’ll make it 500 and then we come down and click Commit Changes and then our new size limits in place and so when the mailbox reaches 500 megabytes, it won’t accept anymore email. The email will then bounce back to the sender so that’s one situation to be aware of.

It is a good tool to keep the amount of mail data stored on your server here in check. So there’s pros and cons to this, just being aware of it that when it does reach the mailbox size limit then no more mail is accepted by it and would then require some mail to be removed off the server here. That’s all there is to it. If you have any questions, check out kb.pair.com or email us at support@pair.com. Have a great day.