Learn how to set up junk email filtering in the ACC:


Hi. Sean here, and I’m going to talk about setting up junk email filtering.

So once you’re logged into Account Control Center, on the left-hand side of the screen, click E-Mail and then Manage Junk E-mail Filter Settings. I want to bring attention to this note at the top of the page. Here it says, “these settings apply to all mailboxes and recipes that have junk email filtering turned on.” We’ll touch more on that towards the end of this tutorial.

So the first option here is greylisting. I recommend using that. That’s a great tool for reducing your junk email.

Scanning for email viruses is also another good option to use. If you’re just starting with us, the default level for your SpamAssassin Junk E-mail Filter Settings would be fine to leave.

Then the next option here is E-Mail Subject. I like to see that it’s a piece of junk mail in my mailbox, so I wanted to change this to Modify Subject to include the junk heading in the subject. I don’t necessarily need to see the scores and the headers but it makes for troubleshooting them a lot easier. So I say turn that one on, too, and then click Commit Changes and those have all been updated.

There’s one more thing here that we should talk about, too, is junk email filtering options for advanced users. Way down here at the bottom of the page, it’s the last link. Click on that and on the next page talks about DNSBLs: Domain Name System Blackhole Listed.

These are really good at reducing the amount of junk mail you get, as well. The first one is the SpamAssassin one that’s for scoring junk email, and then the second one is the invaluement DNSBL to reject email that the invaluement service flags junk.

So anything that shows up on the environment blacklist with this option chosen, we won’t even accept that mail. We’ll reject it before it even hits our servers. I recommend those two as well.

Click on Commit Changes there. Okay. So going back to this note that I mentioned about these settings applying to all your mailboxes, how do you know if you have junk email filtering turned on for your mailbox? So we’re going to click on E-mail Settings here, and then we’re going to look at one of our mailboxes.

So click on the link here for whatever domain is that you want to check out, and check out this one. So there’s all this information here. About halfway down the page, though, it talks about Junk E-mail Filtering.

We want to pick either Mark junk e-mail and store it in the mailbox or even better, Store junk email store junk in the Junk mail folder. That’s the preferred way to go. That way you don’t see junk mail in your in your inbox at all, but you do have to check your junk folder periodically. But you definitely want to have it be one of those two options and not be Do not filter junk email for this mailbox. Otherwise, all those settings that we just went through, they won’t even work.

Once you have it the way you want it to be click Commit Changes. You get a little thumbs up with the mailbox updated and that’s all there is to it. If you have any questions check out kb.pair.com or email us at support@pair.com. Have a nice day.