Make sure your WordPress site is secure!

For Safety from Malware, Travel in PAIRs

If you are not using at least WordPress version 6.0, your site may be vulnerable to known security issues. 

WordPress Security at its Best

Below are the three options for updating WordPress:


Update Your Own WordPress Site

Log into your Word Press account, go to settings, and update WordPress to version 6.2.
Here is a tutorial to walk you through the process, but if you are not familiar with WordPress settings, we highly recommend using option 2 or 3 instead to avoid any interruptions to your site.


Ask Pair to Update Your Site

For $49, Pair Networks will update your site to WordPress 6.2 within one (1) business day. To take this step, please email us at [email protected]. You can also request this update in the Account Control Center.


Retain a Webmaster

Outsource this request to your Webmaster.

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Disclaimer: *Visual changes to the site may result from major software updates. Customers will be responsible for making any necessary adjustments to their site should this occur. **$49 per installation and includes updates to the latest version of WordPress, updated plugins and themes, and resetting your admin, database and WP salts.