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Fully Managed Bare Metal Dedicated Servers backed by 23 Years of Exceptional Reliability, Starting at $99/mo

Outperform everyone with up to 32 cores on datacenter-class CPUs, 512 GB RAM, 3.84 TB SSD’s

Guaranteed Uptime

Our generous SLA offers guarantees with respect to uptime, hardware replacement, and customer service response time.

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Outperform Everyone

Your sites and applications need to stand up to the rigors of heavy traffic and constant resource demands. With all datacenter-class hardware and top reliability, you’re covered.

24/7 Top-Tier Support

All Dedicated Server Hosting plans include access to our top-tier support techs and guaranteed ticket response times.

Start Building Your Server

From Just $99/mo

Get More from Your Host

We offer a full suite of development and email hosting tools, plus available custom server configurations, RAID and other storage options, and advanced backups tools.

Server Management and Monitoring Tools

  • Server Monitoring Graphs and Logs
  • Available Browsable External Backups
  • RAID and Other Redundancy Options Available
  • Unlimited Custom Email Addresses
  • Customizable Junk and Spam Filtering Plus Sieve Scripting
  • Mailbox Rules Like Forward, Vacation Autoresponder, and More

Full Development Environment

  • Postfix
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Node.js
  • Dovecot
  • MySQL
  • Java and OpenJDK
  • Apache
  • Apache mod_cloudflare
  • Apache mod_spelling
  • Apache mod_geoip
  • Apache mod_passenger
  • perl
  • Python
  • IPv6 using AAAA Records

Robust Email Hosting

All dedicated servers include robust and feature-rich email hosting and unlimited email addresses. Custom delivery rules, tuneable junk and spam protection, mailing lists, and sieve scripting come standard. Plus, setup is easy with our guides for desktop and mobile devices.

Live Kernel Updates

Available as a low-cost add-on, our Live Kernel Updates feature ensures that kernel updates are automatically applied to your server without any need to schedule an update or deal with downtime.

Backups, Backups, Backups

We’ve got you covered with disaster recovery backups and available browsable off-server backups. Plus, all dedicated servers come standard with ZFS boot drive mirroring and the ability to restore files without a reboot.

Set Up Your Custom Application on a Dedicated Server

Our standard dedicated servers are built and tuned for demanding websites. Database servers, storage servers, email servers, and WordPress-optimized configurations are also available.

Our Customers Love Us

We’ve been perfecting web hosting since 1996. Continuously improving our services,
applications, and customer support means we have a lot of satisfied customers.

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