pair Software Installation Manager

pairSIM is pair Networks' Software Installation Manager, an easy way to install, upgrade, and manage popular, high-quality software packages to enhance your Web site. pairSIM tracks what you've installed, and upgrades are secure and easy via the Account Control Center.

What Is pairSim?

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One-Click Installation

We offer one-click installation for all pairSIM software packages. Don't bother with complicated documentation and cumbersome installation any more.

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WordPress and More

Install, manage, and upgrade popular software packages like WordPress using our convenient, custom-built, fully supported Account Control Center.

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Easy Upgrades

When your software is out of date, you'll get a prompt as soon as you log in. Upgrading is as easy as clicking a button! There's nothing to keep track of, and no complicated upgrade procedures to go through.

pairSim Includes

  • WordPress logo
  • Drupal logo
  • Joomla logo
  • phpBB logo
  • mediawiki logo
  • Piwigo logo
  • Get Simple CMS logo
  • phorum logo
  • Geeklog log

How It Works

Get Started in 4 Simple Steps

  • 1.Log into ACC
  • 2.Go To PairSIM
  • 3.Select Preferred CMS
  • 4.Install!

Visit the Account Control Center to sign up for pairSIM


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We Keep You Informed

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All software is tested and up to date - and we add new packages depending on software quality and what our customers want. Upgrades are included.

The cost for pairSIM is only $2.95/month, and you pay only for the time that pairSIM is enabled.

You can disable pairSIM at any time. In that case you keep the installed software as part of your account, but you no longer have access to upgrades, removals, or additional software as it becomes available.

We Research. You Choose.

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Our software team is on the job, researching all the options out there and picking the best ones to add to pairSIM. That saves you the time it would take to find, research, and evaluate the right package.

We devote the same energy to upgrades, which are included with pairSIM.

pairSIM tracks what you've installed, and upgrades are easy via the Account Control Center (ACC).

No worries. You can activate or disable pairSIM at any time.

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