Software Installation Manager

Our Software Installation Manager, known as pairSIM, provides an easy way to install, upgrade, and manage popular, high-quality software packages for your Web site.

For a small monthly fee, pairSIM tracks all of your installed packages, and provides quick and easy upgrades via the Account Control Center.

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One-Click Installation

We offer one-click installation for all pairSIM software packages. Don't bother with complicated documentation and cumbersome installation any more.

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WordPress and More

Install, manage, and upgrade popular software packages like WordPress using our convenient, custom-built, fully supported Account Control Center.

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Easy Upgrades

When your software is out of date, you'll get a prompt as soon as you log in. Upgrading is as easy as clicking a button! There's nothing to keep track of, and no complicated upgrade procedures to go through.

Supported Packages

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  • Get Simple CMS logo
  • phorum logo
  • Geeklog log

How It Works

Getting started with pairSIM is simple:

  1. Login to the Account Control Center
  2. Click on pairSIM
  3. Select a software package
  4. Install!

pairSIM is billed at $2.95/month.

Go Now!

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Simple Activation

pairSIM is inexpensive, and available directly within the Account Control Center. If you discontinue the service, you will not be able to use pairSIM to install, upgrade, or remove your software, but the packages will still function normally.

We Do the Hard Work

Our team is on the job, maintaining the latest versions of supported packages for pairSIM, so you never have to worry about it. We are also adding packages over time, according to popularity and quality.