Terms and Conditions

In order to proceed with your move, please read and agree to the terms below. Once we've received your acceptance, we'll begin your site move within 1-2 business days.

Thank you for choosing to host your site with us!

Move to pair - Terms and Conditions

The Move to pair Service includes the migration of a single Web site only. The migration includes moving files directly related to your Web site only. E-mail will not be moved as part of the Move to pair Service; it is your responsibility to move your e-mail to pair Networks, if you choose to do so. Once you accept the terms and agree to move forward with the Move to pair Service, we will begin the Web site migration at our convenience; we will not schedule the migration with you. We will access your files at your current hosting provider in order to make copies and move your Web site to pair Networks. Your Web site at your current hosting provider should not be affected. Once we notify you that your move is complete, you will have one week to test your Web site and notify us of any errors. Your move is considered to be complete if we do not hear from you within one week of the date you are notified that your move is complete. Once your move is complete, and the site is deemed to be in working order, you are responsible for changing your DNS to point to your Web site at pair Networks. Refunds will not be given for the Move to pair service, unless we determine that the move cannot be completed due to complexity or some other reason beyond our control.