Pair Networks

Server Hosting

Fully Managed Bare Metal Dedicated Servers backed by 23 Years of Exceptional Reliability, Starting at $99/mo

Server Management & Monitoring

  • Server Monitoring Graphs and Logs
  • Available Browsable External Backups
  • RAID and Other Redundancy Options Available
  • Unlimited Custom Email Addresses
  • Customizable Junk and Spam Filtering Plus Sieve Scripting
  • Mailbox Rules Like Forward, Vacation Autoresponder, and More

Full Development Environment

  • Postfix
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Node.js
  • Dovecot
  • MySQL
  • Java and OpenJDK
  • Apache
  • Apache mod_cloudflare
  • Apache mod_spelling
  • Apache mod_geoip
  • Apache mod_passenger
  • perl
  • Python
  • IPv6 using AAAA Records

Email Hosting

All dedicated servers include robust and feature-rich email hosting and unlimited email addresses. 


Live Kernel Updates

Available as a low-cost add-on, our Live Kernel Updates are automatically applied to your server without any need to schedule.



All dedicated servers come standard with ZFS boot drive mirroring and the ability to restore files without a reboot.

All Plans Include Our 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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