pair Networks Facilities

Whether you choose a server at our Pittsburgh headquarters or in Denver, you can be sure you're getting a facility designed for uptime, reliability, and security.


To endure the demands of serving Web content, we've built our servers for serviceability and reliability. For years we've relied on Ubuntu Linux and FreeBSD. These open-source operating systems benefit from quick updates, proven track records, and large communities providing support and vigilance.

Healthy Office Environment

We promote an Earth-friendly and progressive culture in a variety of ways. We strive to promote balanced, healthy lives for every employee. We offer a free supply of organic fruit, bicycles for employees, free on-site yoga classes twice a week, breaks to go outside to walk, and seminars promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Robust Security

Our headquarters are located in a low natural disaster area, but we still don't take any chances -- our datacenter boasts redundant climate control systems, a fire suppression system, and backup generators. Security cameras and electronically locking doors protect our facilities, and even among our employee base, access to our server area is restricted and monitored.

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