Vol 20 No. 11 Issue 246

December 2015

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Insider Newsletter: End of Year Edition

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The 24x24 Special is Back!


$9.99 Domains from pairNIC!


You count on it year after year, and we didn't want to let you down. The 24x24 special is back. Prepay and get 24% off!

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It's the season to save. Most pairNIC domain registrations, transfers, and renewals just $9.99!

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The pair Networks 2015 Recap


See All Current Specials


It's been a productive year! See all that's changed, and let us know what you'd like to see in 2016.

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Want to take advantage of end-of-year specials? Have a budget surplus? Need to upgrade to handle a spike in holiday traffic? Read about all of our December specials!

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