Independent for 20 Years

pair Networks has been an independently-owned company for two decades. In the years since we were founded, much has changed about the company and about the Internet itself. However, our commitment to our mission has never wavered: to provide the highest-quality Web hosting services our customers have ever seen.

"In 1995, I needed a really great Web host but I couldn't find any.
So I built one."
- Kevin Martin, Founder and CEO of pair Networks Inc.

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A Single Idea

The idea for pair Networks was formed in the summer of 1995. CEO Kevin Martin saw a niche that needed to be filled: a company that focused exclusively on high-quality, affordable Web hosting. With a 600 square-foot office, a single employee, a partial T-1 line, and a $10,000 family loan, pair Networks was born and went online on January 11, 1996.

That first year was an exciting time -- the whole company was being created from scratch. In the meantime, while all our functions and procedures were still in development, pair Networks' customer base skyrocketed at a rate that surpassed even the most optimistic projections.

pair Networks Moves Up

By the end of our second year, pair Networks had grown to the point that a small office was no longer adequate, and in January 1998, we moved to a larger facility. The next two years brought even faster growth -- so much so that by late 1999, we had once again outgrown our offices and data center space.

In December of 1999, pair Networks completed our second move to a much larger and more scalable location: the River Park Commons on Pittsburgh's Historic South Side. We've been in this location ever since.

Where We Are Now

pair Networks has expanded from our humble beginnings to truly impressive heights. The original partial T-1 line has been replaced by multiple ultra-high capacity fiber optic circuits. What was once a single switch is now a multilayered, redundant local network. And the single 120MHz "powerhouse server" has now become thousands of servers in constant upgrade rotation. That single employee is now an entire team of professionals working 24/7/365 to support our valued customers.

pair Networks continually develops its services and offerings. pairNIC, our domain name registrar, gives our hosting customers a way to register, renew, and transfer their domain names. Our QuickServe dedicated server and pairCloud self-managed private server offerings allow larger organizations and businesses to bring their Web site projects to life. As the months and years go on, pair Networks will launch additional projects that will benefit our customers.

" It's been great to be a part of pair Networks' growth over the years. "
- Chris, Customer service since 2001

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The Future

Though much has changed, the center has not budged. pair Networks remains as committed to offering the highest-quality Web hosting as we were from the first day the lights went on in that small office building in Pittsburgh. Recognition of what got us here -- our customers and our dedicated support of their ingenuity -- will keep us here for a long time to come.

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