Environmental Policy

pair Networks wants to set the standard for sustainable business practices in our industry. Our environmental policies and beliefs are woven into our culture, guiding our decisions and business practices.

pair Networks and Sustainability

pair Networks has measured, reduced, and offset its carbon footprint. All of our operations are 100% carbon neutral, including datacenters, support operations, development labs, administrative facilities, employee commutes, and business travel. Additionally, pair Networks is offset by 100% renewable energy. Our commitment to sustainability assures both our employees and our customers that they support an organization that supports our world. That's an awesome feeling.

"As of 2007, all of pair Networks' operations, including datacenters, support operations, administrative facilities, employee commutes, and business travel are 100% carbon neutral. Plus, pair Networks is offset by 100% renewable energy."
healthy work environment
Healthy Office Environment

During our most recent office renovations, we used earth-friendly materials such as cork flooring, recycled blue jean insulation, and biodegradable paints and other coatings that contained no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our offices are cleaned only with non-toxic, natural and organic, allergen-free cleaning products. These practices promote good employee health and help ensure that no dangerous chemicals are introduced into our indoor environment.

healthy work environment

We reduce waste via a company-wide recycling program. We recycle materials such as aluminum cans, glass, household batteries, paper, and plastic. All the paper products we purchase are made from 100% recycled content and are either 100% recyclable or compostable. We reuse and repurpose hardware for as long as we possibly can. Once a piece of equipment has reached the end of its useful life, we donate parts or the entire system to one of several organizations, or send it off for recycling. Any hardware that can't be reused or recycled is disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. When our customers choose pair Networks, they are choosing a less wasteful world.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Our workplace policies require employees to turn off the lights in areas that are not occupied, turn off and unplug devices that are not actively being used, allow idle workstations to enter sleep mode, and shut off workstations when they won't be in use for a day or more. Our workstation hardware is chosen for its materials. We look for components that have low toxicity, are safe for recycling or disposal, and consume little power during routine use.

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