Inside pair Networks

Giving Your Website a Home

Our Story

The Original Pittsburgh Tech Company

In 1995, Kevin Martin, a pinball enthusiast and Pittsburgh resident, needed a host for his website about pinball. When he couldn't find one, he built his own.

pair Networks quickly grew from hosting a pinball website to providing homes for thousands of websites in over 120 countries. We've been hosting sites before Google became a verb. When you pair with us, you become a part of our journey from pinball passion project to the original tech company of Pittsburgh. We believe in more than just hosting websites. Our mission is to give your website a home so you can share your passion with the World.

Our "Aha Moment"

"In 1995, I needed a really great web host, but I couldn't find any. So I built one." -Kevin Martin, Founder of pair Networks, Inc.

Why pair?

We've Been Around Longer

pair began operating in 1996. We've been online longer than Google has been around and since before WordPress was launched. With 22 years of experience, we extend our staying power to our customers and their brands.

We Provide Great Tools Built Just for Our Platform

With a 22 year history, we've had to invent and build our own tools along the way. The great part for you is -- our tools are optimized for our systems and your hosting experience. And they're supported by the people who know them best -- us. Whether you're using our custom-built and highly secure control panel, easily adding free SSL certificates to your account, or configuring automatic backups, you'll appreciate that we built the kinds of tools we want to use.

Enterprise-Level Hardware, Transparent Pricing

Watch out for hosts that oversell hardware! With pair, resources promised are delivered to you with only enterprise level hardware. No Hidden Fees. What you see is what you get.

Our Network is Seriously Fast.

We operate a fully redundant network with only Tier 1 providers feeding your content directly into the backbone of the Internet.

No Hosting Term-Contracts

We believe in our services, not locking customers in with heavy penalties.

Easily Scale Without Penalties

Upgrade, downgrade, change to a completely different hosting account, all without account change fees.

pair is pair

We're not part of a huge group of hosting companies. We're an independent, locally-owned company with global reach in over 120 countries.

We're Clean

pair's operations are carbon neutral. With all the electricity that it takes to run a datacenter, that's kind of a big deal.

Good Support Comes From Happy Employees

We Never Outsource Support

Our support staff works right here at our Pittsburgh headquarters.

Our Happy Staff Stick Around

The average tenure for our support employees is 9.2 years.

pair is Great Place to Work

We've won 12 Best Places to Work in Pittsburgh awards. Happy support employees are helpful support employees.

Yes! We Support That.

Let's talk about what "fully managed" really means. At pair, we manage your server software, network speed and security, network uptime, your server hardware and its performance, core WordPress updates, email setup, disk and bandwidth, addons like our CDN and ecommerce software, account access, pairSIM installations, and pair software and services.

Hosting big brands, and big hearts.