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  • pairNIC - domain name registration (as low as $13/year)
  • pairSIM - one-click software installation
  • pairCDN - content delivery network
  • pair reseller program - reselling our Web site hosting services
  • pairColo - co-location packages and network services in Pittsburgh, PA
  • pair Networks does not offer "Business Associate" services under HIPAA

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No is a script that displays the current date and time like this:

Wednesday July 31 2007 10:27:35 EDT

To set it up on your Web site, use the script as a Server Side Include (SSI). Simply include this code in your HTML:

<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-sys/" -->

Make sure you change your HTML file's extension to .shtml, instead of .html. For more information on SSI, please read this article.