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  • pairNIC - domain name registration (as low as $13/year)
  • pairSIM - one-click software installation
  • pairCDN - content delivery network
  • pair reseller program - reselling our Web site hosting services
  • pairColo - co-location packages and network services in Pittsburgh, PA
  • pair Networks does not offer "Business Associate" services under HIPAA

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Program Documentation
A useful list of links to documentation on many of the programs available with your account.

Podcasting at pair Networks
Offers information on creating and publishing podcasts using a pair Networks hosting plan.

Debugging Perl Scripts
A guide to help you debug your complex Perl CGI scripts.

Writing Secure Perl Scripts
Ensuring that your CGI scripts are not vulnerable to malicious Internet users.

Using MySQL
Information on utilizing MySQL databases with your account through various avenues of access.

Using PHP
A brief introduction to scripting with PHP.

System CGI
A full list of Level 1 (Basic Account & higher) and Level 2 (Advanced Account & higher) System CGI.

Server Side Includes
Utilizing SSI in your Web code with Basic Accounts and higher.

Cascading Style Sheets
Gaining greater control over the style of your site through use of CSS.

Custom Error Pages
Creating and implementing viewer-friendly custom error pages.

Configuring Cron
Information on scheduling programs to run automatically on a predetermined timed basis.

Configuring Web Settings
Using the ACC to configure custom index pages, access controls, error pages, MIME types, and directory listings.

Using suEXEC
Running your CGI scripts under your own username

Tools of the Trade: Blosxom
Using the Blosxom Weblog application for online journaling.

Tools of the Trade: Geeklog
Using Geeklog with your account as a blog and content management system.

Tools of the Trade: phpBB
Using the phpBB bulletin board package with your Web site.

Tools of the Trade: phpMyAdmin
Learn how to install and set up phpMyAdmin so that you can work with databases via the Web

Tools of the Trade: reCAPTCHA
Using reCAPTCHA with your Web site forms to prevent abuse from "bots."

Tools of the Trade: Joomla!
Learn how to install Joomla! on your account for content management.

Tools of the Trade: Drupal
Install the Drupal content management system on your account.

Tools of the Trade: WordPress
Learn how to install the popular Web publishing system, WordPress.

System CGI:
A thorough tutorial on implementing a form delivery script.

System CGI: cgiemail
Information to help you utilize the cgiemail form gateway.

System CGI: multicount
Information on another text-only SSI counter with overall, daily, and weekly counts.

System CGI: cgiwrap
A script wrapper which allows your CGI scripts to run under your own userid and group.

System CGI: php-cgiwrap
A script wrapper that can be used to run PHP scripts under your own userid and group.

System CGI:
Specific directions on how to implement a guestbook on your site.

System CGI: jumpbox
A script designed to create a pull down menu box that will allow direct linking to specified URLs.

System CGI: randlink
A script that allows the choosing of a random URL to be listed as a link on your Web page.

System CGI: randimage
A script that allows the display on your site of a random image from a list of images you specify.

System CGI: random_text
A script that displays text selected randomly from a text file which you specify.

System CGI: textclock
Implementing a script that displays the current time and date on your Web page.

System CGI:
Displaying the number of years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until a specific event occurs.