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  • pairNIC - domain name registration (as low as $13/year)
  • pairSIM - one-click software installation
  • pairCDN - content delivery network
  • pair reseller program - reselling our Web site hosting services
  • pair Networks does not offer "Business Associate" services under HIPAA

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Policies and Service Contract

Users of pair Networks' services are required to agree and conform to the following service contract and acceptable use policies. Violations of these policies may result in loss of service or other disciplinary action.

» Service Contract
This contract governs the agreement between pair Networks and its hosting customers.

» Dedicated Hosting Service Contract
This contract governs the agreement between pair Networks and its dedicated hosting customers.

» Abuse & Spam
We have a strong position against unsolicited e-mail.

» Adult Content
Certain content is better suited for hosting elsewhere.

» Copyright Disputes
How we deal with copyright disputes involving our customers' Web sites.

» Interactive Chat
These systems are restricted for technical reasons.

» Misuse of Account Features
Your account features are for use with your sites only.

» Resource Usage
Excessive resource usage will cause performance and stability problems.

» CGI Resource Usage
CGI processes must behave within certain parameters.

» Database Resource Usage
Certain database usages will require a dedicated server.

» Cron Usage
Automated tasks may run subject to these conditions.

» Server Side Processes
Daemons and other resident programs are not welcome for shared hosting.

» Security & Cracking
These abuses are taken very seriously.

» Domain Registrations
Lame delegations are not welcome.

» Privacy
Our customer privacy statement.