Volume 12 Number 3 Issue 130 | March 2007


5 Year Domain Name Registration for $50 (ACC Only)
WAIVED Set-up Fees for Webmaster Hosting Plans
Triple Prepayment Discounts for New Accounts
WAIVED Set-up Fees on New Accounts for Refugees
Add Multiple Dedicated IP Domain Names and Save
FreeBSD 6.2 Update
5 Year Domain Name Registration for $50 (ACC Only)
Transfer Process Frequently Asked Questions
pairNIC Referral Program -- Earn $1 per Domain Year
Remember to Renew Your Domain Name
Interview with Guy Pribyl, Director of Account Management, ShopSite
How to Determine if You Need More RAM in Your QS Server
ShadowDrive Technology Available
EV SSL and EV SGC SSL Certificates Now Available
Try a pairSSL Secure Certificate FREE for 30 days
Renew Your pairSSL Secure Certificate Today
Signing up Made Easy using the ACC
Now Hosting 190,000+ Web Sites
Postal Address - Fax Number - Contact Info

Take this special as a token of our appreciation for being a pair Networks customer.

You can register a domain name for five years for only $50 (a $15 savings!) if you register the domain name via our Account Control Center (ACC) during the month of March. Along with the great price, you'll enjoy the usual benefit of waived domain hosting setup fees when you register a domain name via the ACC.

Just log into the ACC (https://my.pair.com), click Domain Hosting Management, select the Register option, and follow the instructions. This special is good only for COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, and US domain names.

Don't wait any longer to register that domain name you've been kicking around for awhile and save some cash. And thanks for being a loyal pair Networks customer.

Sign up or upgrade to the Webmaster hosting plan and pay no set-up fees during March 2007.

This special does not apply to over-usage fees, domain name registration fees, or any services added after an account has been created.

pair Networks Sign Up System -- http://www.pair.com/signup
During the month of March 2007, all NEW accounts will receive triple prepayment discounts, as shown:

     3 months prepaid -  6% discount (normally 2%)
     6 months prepaid - 12% discount (normally 4%)
    12 months prepaid - 24% discount (normally 8%)

This special pricing is available to new accounts only and applies only to hosting services purchased while signing up for a new account. It does not apply to upgrades of existing accounts. It does not apply to over-usage fees or domain name registration fees. Services added or changed after an account is created are eligible only for normal discounts. Certain restrictions apply.

Special Offers Web Page -- http://www.pair.com/services/specials.html
pair Networks Sign-Up System -- http://www.pair.com/signup

Tired of bad service or dishonesty from your current Web host?

Looking for a better deal or superior uptime?

Switch to pair Networks now and get WAIVED SET-UP FEES on any of our Web hosting plans -- just put the word REFUGEE, as in "Web hosting refugee," in the Coupon Code field when signing up. Set-up fees are waived for the account and the first domain name (only).

Feel free to tell anyone about our Refugee Special.

Special Offers Web Page -- http://www.pair.com/services/specials.html
pair Networks Sign-Up System -- http://www.pair.com/signup/

We are offering discounts on Dedicated IP hosting set-up fees when certain quantities are added through the Account Control Center during a calendar month.

  Add  5 or more during the same month -- get 50% off Set-up Fees
  Add 10 or more during the same month -- get 75% off Set-up Fees
  Add 20 or more during the same month -- get 100% off Set-up Fees

Domain name discounts are tabulated during the subsequent month's billing cycle. Monthly fees remain the same. This special does not apply to Shared IP and Parked domain names. Contact sales@pair.com for more information.

Last month, we previewed our plans to upgrade our server operating system from FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE to FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p1. This month, we are pleased to bring you additional details as we are finalizing our customizations and completing testing.

We have been staunch supporters of FreeBSD since 2.1.0 in 1995 and have continuously evaluated new releases for stability and performance. Years ago, we skipped from 2.2.7 to 4.6 and then to 4.8. We are now prepared to make another major leap forward. Operating system upgrades are not to be taken lightly, although we strive to minimize downtime and complications.

Among the new features and software packages offered by our FreeBSD 6.2 build are the following:

  • Improved symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), which will allow us to take full advantage of dual-core processors such as the Intel Core 2 Duo as well as multiprocessor servers where appropriate
  • File system snapshots allow for instantaneous recovery of deleted files directly by users as well as background file system checks which allow servers to boot more quickly
  • Apache 2.2.4 with PHP 5.2.1 as a module (PHP 4.4.4 available as CGI)
  • Perl 5.8.8 with thousands of Perl modules
  • Ruby 1.8.5 with hundreds of Ruby gems
  • gcc 3.4.6
  • Python 2.5
  • Source code version control programs such as CVS 1.11.17, svn 1.4.2, and darcs 1.0.8
The new operating system also includes emerging development tools such as:

  • ghc (Haskell) 6.6
  • Parrot 0.4.5
  • Pugs 6.2.13
We expect to begin user server upgrades in the next four to six weeks. More information, including the upgrade schedule, will soon be posted at:

Just in case you didn't see this article in the Specials section, we wanted to let you know about a special customer appreciation special for this month only.

You can register a domain name for five years for only $50 (a $15 savings!) if you register the domain name via our Account Control Center (ACC) during the month of March. Along with great price, you'll enjoy the usual benefits of waived domain hosting setup fees when you register a domain name via the ACC.

Just log into the ACC (https://my.pair.com), click Domain Hosting Management, select the Register option, and follow the instructions. This special is good only for COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, and US domain names.

Don't wait any longer to register that domain name you've been kicking around for awhile and save some cash. And thanks for being a loyal pair Networks customer.

Most people who use Web hosting services are familiar with the concept of registering a domain name and the fact that you have to renew your domain name to retain control over it. But transferring domain names is another story.

Questions abound: How do you transfer a domain name? What are the benefits of transferring? What's a Transfer Lock? If you've ever thought about one of these questions, well, have no fear. Just kick back, take a sip of your favorite beverage, and let us give you the lowdown on domain name transferring.

Q: What does transferring a domain name mean?

A: Transferring a domain name means you are moving a domain name from one domain name registrar to another one.

Q: What are the benefits of transferring a domain name to a domain name registrar such as pairNIC?

A: There can be many benefits to moving your domain name to a domain name registrar such as pairNIC.

First, when you transfer a domain name, you will gain another registration year or more. For example, if your domain name registration expires on June 1, 2007, and you transferred your domain name to pairNIC for one year, your expiration date would then be June 1, 2008. You can transfer a domain name for a longer period of time as well.

If you are currently a pair Networks customer, transferring your domain name will allow you to consolidate your Web hosting and domain name registration services under one company.

Plus, at pairNIC, we include additional services with your domain name at no extra charge such as:

  • Custom DNS
  • Web Site Address Forwarding
  • E-Mail Forwarding
  • Domain Name Parking
  • Secure Online Management
  • pairNIC Placeholder Page
Just visit https://www.pairnic.com/services.html for more information on these free services.

Q: Can I transfer a domain name at any time?

A: Unfortunately, you have to wait at least 61 days from the day you registered your domain name before you can transfer it. Also, if a domain name has already expired, or will expire within the next seven days, there may be problems with the transfer. If you are planning to transfer your domain name to pairNIC and find yourself in this situation, please contact us at support@pairnic.com before requesting the transfer.

Q: How long does a domain name transfer take?

A: A transfer generally takes seven to thirteen days total. First, the current Registrant (owner) will need to approve the transfer. The approval process takes one to seven days.

After the owner approves the transfer, transfers are generally completed within six days. So, the maximum amount of time it should take is thirteen days.

Q: What's a Transfer Lock?

A: A Transfer Lock is something many domain name registrars have placed on domain names to ensure your domain name is not transferred away without your permission. To see if your domain name has a Transfer Lock, you can contact your current registrar, or go to http://whois.pairnic.com and enter your domain name in the text field.

The WHOIS application will display information letting you know if your domain name has some sort of transfer lock or transfer prohibition on it. If it does, you'll have to get your current registrar to remove it before transferring your domain name to another registrar such as pairNIC.

Q: What's a Transfer Authorization Code?

A: A Transfer Authorization Code is a six to 16 character code assigned to certain domain names as an added security measure to ensure that only the Registrant (Owner) of the domain name can transfer the domain name to another registrar. You can think of the Transfer Authorization Code as another password for the domain name.

A Transfer Authorization Code is needed to transfer all domain names. The Transfer Authorization Code is also known as an "Auth Code," "Auth-info Code," or "Authorization Code."

Your domain name registrar should be able to provide you with your Transfer Authorization Code.

Q: How do I transfer my domain name to pairNIC?

A: We thought you'd never ask! It's really simple.

Just go to pairnic.com. Make sure you took off the Transfer Lock/Transfer Prohibition at your current registrar and obtain your Transfer Authorization Code (also known as an Authinfo code). Simply follow the transfer instructions, and you'll be on your way to having a domain name at pairNIC.

It's easy to participate in the pairNIC referral program -- just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your pairNIC account -- https://www.pairnic.com/
  2. Click on Account Preferences
  3. Click on pairNIC Referral System

You can earn $1 per domain year on transfers and registrations that you refer to pairNIC. Example: If someone clicks on your banner or link and registers a domain name for three (3) years, you'll earn $3 towards a referral pay-out. Once you've earned $15, we'll mail you a check.

You don't even have to put the banners on your Web site. You can simply give the click-through code to your friends (using the Text Link Code) and ask them to use it for their registrations and transfers. Contact support@pairnic.com from more information.

Terms and conditions apply. Please read the pairNIC Referral Program Agreement when applying for the program.

Is your pairNIC domain name coming up for renewal?

If it is, just enter this secure Web address into your Web browser:


If you can't remember your pairNIC Account Name or password, please contact support@pair.com.

And if you want to talk with our friendly Support team to renew your domain name, you can by using one of the numbers below:

+1 877 PAIR NET (Toll Free -- US and Canada)
+1 412 381-7247 (Global)
Our call center hours run from 8 AM to 8 PM ET, Monday through Friday. When you call, be sure to use option 3.

We recently spoke to Guy Pribyl who is the Director of Account Management at ShopSite, a shopping cart solution provider. Guy discussed his experiences at ShopSite and also offered insights and advice for novice e-commerce entrepreneurs.

pN: Tell us a little about yourself and how you became involved with ShopSite.

GP: I have been in the Computer and Computer Software industry since 1983. I started out with IBM. Worked for WordPerfect Corporation for 10 years. I was Director of Sales and Marketing for several of their business units. A little over 5 years ago, I joined the ShopSite team and have been focused on building and growing the reseller channel. This has been a very challenging and rewarding experience.

pN: What does your position as Director of Account Management at ShopSite entail?

GP: ShopSite distributes products through hosting company resellers. My job is to do whatever I can to help my reseller partners grow their business. I spend a lot of time working with my partners to help their customers become successful Internet merchants. ShopSite has proven to be a great tool for that.

pN: Can you tell us what ShopSite is all about? What are ShopSite's goals? What is your mission?

GP: ShopSite is the easiest-to-use shopping cart software for small to medium-sized businesses. We are employee owned, and most of our people are developers. We are constantly working on new features and functionality that our users are asking for. We just want to be the best we can for our merchant customers. If they succeed, we succeed.

pN: Can you tell us about the new features and benefits of the latest version of ShopSite, ShopSite 8.2?

GP: Here are just a few of the new features to be found with ShopSite 8.2:

  • Image Resizing
  • Automatic Thumbnail Creation
  • Product Images in Shopping Cart and Search Results
  • Froogle/Google Base
  • Google Sitemaps
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Checkout support for UPS and FedEx
  • Option for Google Checkout image size and relative location
  • New Gradient Theme
  • Order Options Text field is more configurable
  • Minimum Product Order Quantity
  • More Page and Product Extra Fields
  • Page and Product Extra Fields can be renamed

pN: Do you have any big features planned for future releases of ShopSite?

GP: We are always rolling out new features. We prefer to hold our upcoming features close to the vest until we are ready to release, but you can be sure that we have plenty of new features coming down the pipe. As you look at our previous releases, you will see that we are always adding new features that our customers are asking for. You can expect more of the same. Go to http://www.shopsite.com/support.html, and check out the ShopSite forum. This is where we get most of our ideas for new features.

pN: Why should merchants choose ShopSite over the many other shopping carts that are available?

GP: There are many reasons! ;-) First of all ShopSite is easy to use, the merchant can manage his/her store without being a techy, second ShopSite is search engine friendly, many of the carts out there are generate dynamic pages which are more difficult for the search engines to index. ShopSite generates static pages which all the search engines can easily index and promote. Third, ShopSite is scalable and will grow with the merchant as his/her business needs grow. ShopSite's rich feature set gives the merchant the tools they need to succeed.

pN: What advice would you give someone looking to start their own online store?

GP: I would say now is an excellent time to start. It is a great feeling to get those order notification e-mails. More and more people are looking to the Web to purchase what they need and want. The key is to give good service and be there for your customers. I am amazed when I get orders from people all around the country and the world on my little Web sites. They just keep coming.

If you are not selling off your Web site yet start by using the Order anywhere buttons and put those links right on your existing pages. You will be surprised how many people are ready to buy right now off your site.

If you are interested in learning how to add the ShopSite shopping cart solution to your Web hosting account, just contact our friendly Sales team at sales@pair.com or call them at the numbers below, Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 8 PM ET (choose option 1):

+1 877 PAIR NET (877 724-7638 Toll Free -- US and Canada)
+1 412 381-7247 (Global)

pair Networks hosts Web sites for businesses, bloggers, artists, musicians, and organizations from around the world. Many of these customers possess well-designed, high profile sites that we'd like to share with our Insider Newsletter subscribers. Take a look at some of the sites that we've chosen for this month's Customer Spotlight section.

Point101 (www.point101.com)

Point101 is an online gallery which sells original artwork worldwide, which was founded in 2003 with inspiration to exhibit fresh, innovative works by exciting emerging talent.

Barack Obama (http://barackobama.com)

The official Web site of U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

CanadaOne (www.canadaone.com)

CanadaOne is the "just-in-time" information source for small business Canada.

Vocelli Pizza (www.vocellipizza.com)

Vocelli Pizza is a national pizza company founded in 1988.

One common cause for a slow running server is the system not having enough RAM (Random Access Memory). When a server runs out of RAM, it will start to use space on the hard drive to simulate having more RAM. This usage of the drive is referred to as "swapping." The portion of the drive being used as RAM is called "swap space."

Access to the drive is much slower than access to RAM. Any programs which have to use swap space can experience delays in data loading and being written to swap space. Likewise, the hard drive can only read or write to one area of the drive at a time. If the drive has to keep switching from reading files for a program to run, and reading or writing to swap space, hard drive access is going to be slowed down substantially.

You can check to see if your server is using swap space by running the program "top" while connected to the server via SSH or Telnet. Top is a UNIX utility that provides a rolling display of the top CPU-using processes. Simply type the word "top" when connected to the server, and the program will start. While viewing the output from the "top" command, you will want to look for the line that starts with "Swap:." This line will display the current swap space usage statistics. Below is an example line:

Swap: 2048M Total, 170M Used, 1878M Free, 8% Inuse
This output shows that the server has allocated 2,048 MB of space on the drive that can be used as swap space. Of the 2,048 MB of potential swap space, 170 MB is currently being used. The system has 1,878 MB remaining of potential swap space with about 8% of total swap space in use.

It is normal for servers to show about 1-2% swap usage under normal conditions. Usage beyond that is generally a good indication that the server does not have enough physical RAM in it. If you monitor the swap space usage during peak traffic periods, and ideally during the rest of the day for a few days, you can see the peak usages of swap. If the 170 MB usage figure was consistent through the day, you would need to add at least 170 MB of RAM to the system to keep it out of swap. A standard 512 MB chip would be a more than adequate solution and provide room for growth.

For a more severe example, we have:

Swap: 2048M Total, 980M Used, 1068M Free, 47% Inuse
Here, the server is using around 47% of swap space, which equates to 980 MB. If the peak usage was determined to remain around the 980 MB figure, adding 1 GB of RAM to the server would be needed to keep it out of swap space. The 1 GB figure would give you just enough RAM to cover that current usage. If you wished to add enough RAM to cover the current usage, and provide for some room for future growth, adding 1.5 GB of RAM would be appropriate.

As a final example:

Swap: 2048M Total, 196K Used, 2048M Free
This server is showing 196 K of swap space used, or about 0.2 MB. This small amount of swap space usage can happen without the server running out of RAM. Assuming the swap usage remains this small during peak times, there isn't a need to upgrade the RAM.

You can contact qs@pair.com from a listed contact e-mail address for your account to determine your server's hardware specifications. Likewise, our QuickServe Department can provide you with the RAM upgrade options available for your server as well as the pricing for those options.

ShadowDrive®, pair Networks' proprietary backup recovery system, is available to QuickServe® dedicated server customers.

In the event of a hard drive failure, it can literally take hours to restore large amounts of data from backup systems. This delay is eliminated by ShadowDrive technology. At any given time, a full mirror of a server's data is available on the additional hard drive utilizing ShadowDrive technology. In the event of a drive failure, the additional hard drive is easily swapped with the failing drive.

The set-up fee for installing an additional hard drive utilizing ShadowDrive technology is $150 for QS-1 and QS-2 servers. There are no set-up fees for QS-3 servers because ShadowDrive technology is included at no additional cost with QS-3 servers.

The monthly ShadowDrive fee is $50 for QS-1 and QS-2 dedicated servers. ShadowDrive technology is included at no additional cost with QS-3 servers. In the event of a failure of either hard drive, the failed drive will be replaced at no charge.

Hard drives utilizing ShadowDrive technology on QuickServe dedicated servers have all of the benefits of those on our shared servers including offloaded backups and low impact on server performance.

For more information, or to order this feature for a QuickServe dedicated server, please contact qs@pair.com or visit:


We now offer two new pairSSL certificates: pairSSL EV and pairSSL EV SGC.

These certificates let your customers know immediately upon visiting your Web site that they are doing business with an authentic, secure Web merchant.

In addition to the many features our regular pairSSL certificates include, these new EV, or Extended Validation, pairSSL certificates include additional security features:

pairSSL EV Certificates

  • Includes extended validation by Comodo (the Certificate Authority from whom we purchase our SSL certificates)
  • For compatible browsers (such as Internet Explorer 7), a green "Good to Go" browser indicator will be displayed to visitors of an EV SSL site. For Internet Explorer 7, the address bar turns green
  • Includes an up to $250,000 Warranty
pairSSL EV SGC Certificates

  • SGC stands for "Server Gated Cryptography." This term means that this certificate will "up-rate" older, 40-bit browsers to 128/256-bit encryption
  • This certificate will also display a green "Good to Go" bar with compatible browsers
  • Includes extended validation by Comodo
  • Includes an up to $250,000 Warranty
Our special introductory prices for pairSSL EV certificates are:
$499 (for one year)
$799 (for two years)
The special introductory prices for pairSSL EV SCG certificates are:
$699 (for one year)
$999 (for two years)
Please visit pairSSL.com for more details or to order the new pairSSL EV certificates.

Still not sure whether or not you want to invest in pairSSL secure certificates? Why don't you try one out for free? pair Networks is offering FREE pairSSL secure certificates for 30 Days. This free trial is not available for EV SSL or EV SCG SSL certificates.

Customers with pair Networks secure server access can contact us now for a free trial at pairssl@pair.com.

For more information about pairSSL secure certificates, visit:

Is your pairSSL Secure Certificate coming up for renewal? Then don't wait; renew your secure certificate today.

Simply contact pairssl@pair.com and ask about pairSSL renewal. As long as you renew your secure certificate before it expires, your customers will not receive security errors when browsing your secure site.

For more information, please visit our pairSSL site below:


You like money, right? And you like pair Networks. Or at least we hope you do. So, why not bring two of your loves together with practically no effort? How can this be possible you may ask? It's possible through a little thing we like to call the pair Networks Referral Program.

Sign up for the program, and simply place a tasteful pair Networks banner advertisement or text link on your Web site, and if one of your Web site visitors signs up for a hosting account with us for at least 60 days, then you'll be raking in the dough.

The payment amounts depend on the type of account that you refer to us.

$3.00 per FTP Account
$5.00 per Basic Account
$15.00 per Advanced Account
$25.00 per Webmaster Account
$30.00 per Developer or Commerce Account
$50.00 per High-Volume Account
$80.00 per QuickServe Dedicated Server
Hope those juicy payout numbers have whetted your appetite. For more information on our Referral Program, visit:
Referral Program Details

  • We host over 190,000 unique Web sites.
  • We have over 15,000 Value-Added and Authorized Resellers.
  • We have over 1,500 Web servers in our custom-built datacenter.
  • We have customers from over 150 countries.
  • promote.pair.com has served over 4,000,000,000 banners since February 2002.
  • We host over 20,000 electronic mailing lists.
  • Our servers deliver over 400,000,000 hits per day.
  • We have over 63 Terabytes of storage on our servers.
  • On a typical day, we deliver over 3 Terabytes of data to our visitors.
  • We are deploying Intel servers at 3000 MHz and above.
  • All shared Web servers feature our ShadowDrive® Technology.
  • We have been online for more than 134 months continuously.
  • Our customer base includes a remarkable number of high-profile, high-volume sites, some of whom have been featured as our Site of the Week -- http://www.pair.com/csotw/

The "long list" of advantages is available here:

pair Networks, Inc.
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Phone +1 877 PAIR NET (US and Canada)
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Fax +1 412 381-9997

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